landscape lighting kitlandscape lighting kit


The landscape lighting kit is a kind of kit which consists of several same or similar landscape lights for your outdoor lighting scene solution. The shape may be varied but the main aim is the same. Nevertheless, AIDot which is a smart home solution provider has formed a new landscape light kit with three different products. This is not like the traditional definition of a landscape lighting kit but offers more smart landscaping and security scenes for users. 




Part 1 What Is The AiDot Landscape Lighting Kit


About AiDot landscape lighting kit, it is a great association where you put the smart device and ordinary products together to form a new kit. There are three products including a landscape light, an outdoor security camera, and a led flood light. Not like the traditional landscape lighting kits which consist of several same landscape lights, AiDot has given its landscape lighting kits a new definition and mission, the main mission of it is to be new equipment for your outdoor activities. No matter landscaping, color-changing ambiance, security, or remote control, you can obtain from this landscape lighting kit. With this amazing landscape light kit, you can have better experiences with lighting and security. 


landscape lighting kitlandscape lighting kit

Part 2 The Components in AiDot Landscape Lighting Kit


All three products in AiDot landscape lighting kits are useful while being checked separately, nevertheless, being a landscape lighting kit makes them even better. Before the analysis of this smart kit, let us figure out the features of three individual products one by one.



1. AiDot Solar Landscape lighting


Currently, solar lighting is popular because it can save lots of energy and billing amounts as well. On the basis of this feature, it has been utilized for lots of different lighting purposes and solar landscape lighting is one of them. AiDot solar landscape lighting is a great outdoor lighting solution for landscaping the outdoor environment and ambiance with several good functions. 


1) Multi Color Pattern:

This RGB solar landscape light offers several color options in both dynamic and static status through 2 patterns: fixed color and color cycling. Under fixed color mode, 8 colors including red, green, blue, lemon yellow, purple, cyan, rainbow, and white can be used. Under color cycling mode, low light and high light can be selected respectively. 


2) Long Working Time: 

Normally, the working time of this solar landscape light is between 6 and 12 hours which depends on the pattern you choose. Under fixed color mode, the light will last for up to 12 hours. Under color cycling mode, the light will stay 6 hours at high brightness and 12 hours at low brightness.


3) Flexible Solar Panel:

The solar panel is the key to solar energy of this landscape light with its higher photoelectric conversion rate which is up to 20%. The charging time can be shortened dramatically. Besides, it is able to adjust the panel by 90 degrees vertically or 180 degrees horizontally, for changing the direction of light.



2. AiDot Led Flood Light


This led flood light is a smart device that can be controlled by AiDot app, which means it is more convenient even you are far away from the device and many smart functions can be utilized. To control it in a smarter way. 


1) 16 Million Colors

This Led flood light has 16 million colors which can be represented at your will. No matter what kind of scene like Christmas, Halloween, or barbecue you wish to create, the plentiful selection of colors can make it happen.


2) Synchronization with Music

This is one great part of smart functions: it will sync with the music. It is an ideal function for the party and makes the whole ambiance vivid. No matter what kind of music you are into, this led flood light can dance with the beat and shine instantly. What a great dancer next to you. 


3) Smart Scene Set

By AiDot app, all your led flood lights can be controlled together with one click, that is what we called group- controlling. It is very convenient, especially for people who have several items in their front yard or garden. Besides, you can customize private lighting smart scenes on the basis of your daily routine. For instance, you can set all led flood lights in the front yard turned on automatically at 7 pm when you just come back. That is absolutely a warm welcome. 


4) Long Lifespan

As for lifespan, it has more than a 25000-hour lifespan which can keep you company for a long time. Besides, This 30w led flood light is made of die-cast aluminum housing and tempered glass, which enables it to save over 80% electricity than a similar 150w light. 



3. AiDot Outdoor Security Camera


Security is always a big issue for us while you are at home or away. This outdoor security camera can provide a good outdoor security solution for users to ensure the safety of users and property. 


1) 2K HD and IR Night Vision 

For a security camera, the definition is always a basic and crucial element. Getting blurred images is a terrible feeling while you wish to figure out something from the play-back videos. This AiDot outdoor security camera has a 2K HD definition which can offer you clear videos, and it has no influence on the night due to its IR night vision. 


2) 360° View 

360° view is another feature to enable you to check out what had happened in any corners. It perfectly avoids the blind spots which may be ignored, and let you have a wide and adjustable view for your certain area.


3) Two-way Talk 

This is a function for convenient communication. You can use it to chat with family members anytime you want without any communication costs. Besides, it can be a warning delivery for some suspicious people.


4) IP65 Waterproof

For an outdoor security camera, the feature of waterproof is a necessary attribute. AiDot outdoor security camera has IP65 waterproof function which can let it works well on rainy days. You can keep it working all the time despite the weather conditions. 




Part 3 What Can You Do with AiDot landscape lighting kit? 


This landscape lighting kit is supposed to be a great decoration and guard for your outdoor activities like parties and barbecues. It also can be utilized on some holidays like Christmas and Halloween, to enhance the atmosphere of the holiday. If you are going to hold an outdoor party and barbecue, this kit is absolutely a great ambiance creator. The solar landscape light will build entire lighting in the front yard with the solar energy, the color mode can be adjusted any time you want. Then the led flood light will shine with diverse colors based on playing music, this is definitely an enjoyment with family and friends. Behind all the happy times, an outdoor security camera is here to give you nonstop protection which can let you enjoy the party all the time without worries.