AiDot Syvio Cool Mist Air Humidifier with Customized Humidifying, LED Touch Screen

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  • Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
  • Smart Auto Constant Humidity Design
  • Precise Humidity Setting & 3 Cool Mist Output
  • 2-in-1 Humidifier & Diffuser
  • Top Fill & Easy to Clean
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Free & Fast Delivery
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Item Weight 3.09 pounds
Package Dimensions 7.6 x 7.1 x 10.3 inches
Control Method Touch
Runtime 24 hours
Capacity 2.8 Liters
Shape Cylindrical
Material Plastic
Power Source AC

Multipurpose Humidifier for Baby/Bedroom/Plants

One solution from solving the problem of dryness of skin, congestion, and dry coughing, to providing you and your family a good air quality.

Improve Your Focus

Put all your energy into your work while the humidifier takes charrge of your atmosphere and helps protect you from congestion and dryness.

Waterless Auto - Shut Off

Cool mist humidifier shuts off automatically if water is out of shortage. Do not worry in case of your leave. It comes with an AC adapter. Its working voltage is 110-240V.

Help Little Ones Sleep

No humming, whistling, or crackling as this durable Humidifier with DC hydraulic fan.

Auto Humidification On and Off

  • When the surrounding humidity is lower than your preset humidity, the humidifier will Keep humidifying;
  • And it will automatically stop humidifying once the surrounding humidity reaches your preset humidity.

Ultrasonic Whispered Quiet 

  • No humming, whistling, or crackling in this durable Humidifier with DC hydraulic fan.
  • Touching Mist Icon for 2 seconds to sleep mode, all lights off, whisper quiet below 24dB.

360° Rotatable Nozzle

  • 360° rotating mist, all-round moisturizing;
  • Filter-free, more convenient and save your money

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Q1: How to Use the Humidifier?

A1: Please add full water to max 2.8L line, plug the adapter and press middle power key to turn on. Long press 3-5 seconds power key to turn it off
If you hear "beeps" sound means it is lack of water, you need add full water and power on again.


Q2: What Kind of Water is Best to Use in the Humidifier?

A2: Use distilled water or filtered water which instead of tap water, use tap water might leave white dust and grow mold. When using distilled water, you can add 3 pinches of salt and stir thoroughly. Note: can't add warm water just cold water for extend humidifier's life.


Q3: How Should I Do If It doesn't Put Out Mist?

A3: Clean the tank and add full water to max "2.8L" water line. Clean the "mist outlet", put it in a cool place and wait for it to dry naturally. 2, Clean the "air intake" with a dry brush. Then it can be used normally.


Q4 : Can I Add Essential Oils to the  2.8L Humidifier?

A4: Of course, you can add several drops of essential oil into the water to relax your body.


Q5: Where Should I Place the Humidifier?

A5: It is recommended to place the humidifier on waterproof elevated-level surfaces such as desktops, tables, or nightstands. DO NOT put the humidifier on the wooden floor or wooden furniture directly unless a towel is placed on the wooden surface. A certain distance from curtains, wardrobes, walls, keep enough space for air circulation. Keep 1M distance from body for better use.


Q6: How Can I Turn On and Turn Off the Sleep Mode

A6: 1: click power key to turn on the top fill humidifier. blue light flas

      2: hold the sleep key "2s‘ then the blue light turn off and the humidifier will change to L2 means it exhaust the low humidifier for better night sleep.
      3: One click the sleep key then sleep mode turn off and it will change to H8 mode.

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