The smart home app has been prevalent with the rapid growth of IoT technology and smart home devices. It is like a final controlling-equipment to control all the smart devices which have already been connected to app. Due to so many smart home devices are needed to have a convenient controlling way, the smart home app was invented as an ideal solution. In fact, the smart home app is an intangible item with a kind of “magic” to summon all smart devices in your house to give you a better smart home experience.



Part 1 What Is the Smart Home App? 


A smart home app is also called smart home automation app, it is an application that can be used to connect and control all the smart home devices in your house. With a smart home app, it is much easier to manage your internal smart devices and establish your unique smart home system. The biggest advantage of owning a smart home app is that no more smart home hub which could costs a lot is needed for controlling entire smart home system. It is also called hand-free and hub-free control. There are also lots of differences between distinct smart home apps especially the connectable smart devices. Nowadays, many different smart home devices can be found on the market, like smart lighting, security camera, and robot vacuum. But for those smart home apps, they might have different connectable devices. It depends on consumer’s demand for while choosing the smart home app.



Part 2 Theory of Smart Home: Application of IoT Technology  


This kind of “magic” from smart home app is called IoT – Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is concept of linking all the smart home devices to the internet or any other linked smart devices. It offers a new lifestyle for human beings. But how does it work? The smart home devices with built-in sensors are connected to a terminal control system that can integrate and analyze data from different smart devices and then to make some united or separate commands. Above all, it’s the connection of devices, networks, and data. IoT is able to let smart devices on personal internet connections to communicate with other smart devices, which leads to a linked network.


The smart home we are talking about currently is the result of full use of the IoT technology. The smart home is a new lifestyle which can let a lot of items in house to be controlled by a terminal-control system. Under this system, it is unnecessary to control all the devices in the traditional ways but a smarter way: controlling the entire house with an app. That is how a smart home works on the basis of IoT technology.



Part 3 Data Transition Between Smart Devices And Smart Home App


You might wonder why one smart device can connect to many other devices; the answer is smart home protocol which can be regarded as the language of smart devices. Currently, there are also some options of smart home protocol with different technologies. Let’s get start with some popularities. 


1. Wifi

Wifi, the most common one, has been used wildly for smart home, it is affordable as well. It can be compatible with most smart home devices which is the biggest advantage. Nonetheless, the distance is the issue you need to take into consideration. The normal connective range of wifi is between 15 – 50 feet that depends on the wifi network. If you want to control the smart devices without delay, it is better to operate in short distance. That is to say, its efficiency depends on the exact distance from smart devices to signal. On the other hand, it could cost a lot of energy.


2. Zigbee

Similar to wifi, Zigbee is also an affordable option while it can be compatible with most smart devices. Mostly, the frequency range supported in Zigbee is 2.4 GHZ. Compared with wifi, the number of users is limited which may be a drawback for large-scale scene; on the other hand, its consumption of energy is relative lower.


What’s more, there are also many other protocols including Z-wave and Bluetooth low energy for smart home application. Most of these protocols have the similar functions.



Part 4 Recommendation of Smart Home App 


One plan of best smart home app could be AiDot. AiDot is a popular smart home app with tons of powerful functions. Currently, it supports many smart home devices including smart light bulb, security camera, and smart home appliance, and the scale of its connectable smart devices is still increasing. Except for single smart devices, one great thing what AiDot is doing is that they are offering more smart scenes solution for consumers to get more inspirations about their personal smart home. Beyond smart home devices, AiDot even published their own official store and official community inside app.


Connection of Smart Devices

The connection between AiDot app and smart devices is quite simple. You just need to scan the QR code on the product to make them connected. Besides, all the supported brands  and third-party apps including Linkind, Winees, Orein, Ecobee, Honeywell Home, Alexa, Google Assistant, Smartthings, IFTTT of smart devices are listed in app for you to choose. It can scan the nearby bluetooth devices as well.

 smart home app


Smart Scene Establishment

The smart home is not only about one single smart device, but a connection of all internal smart devices. That’s why AiDot is providing some existed and customized smart scenes for consumers. With this app, it is simple to create the smart scenes you want. For instance, you hope to have a warm welcoming-back after work even nobody at home, just set up a certain time to light up the smart bulbs in living room and yard. After that, you will feel like someone is always here to welcome you back. Not only about a welcome-back ambience, but also more for customers to explore.

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Official Store And Community

AiDot even published their official store and community in app which could be easy for consumers to know more about relative smart products in shop and find more kindred spirits. In official store, the new products will be released in real time and no more needs to check more through Google Chrome. In the community, you are free to talk about any product doubts, smart scene establishment or any idea for AiDot.