15s Quick Preheat Anti-Drip Glue Gun with LED Front Light -- 12V

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Whether you are a hobbyist indulging in some DIY task or a professional crafter, having a hot glue gun is convenient.


Includes 25 Glue Sticks!

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How To Use ?

1. Long press the button for 1s to switch on the glue gun.


  • Battery Check: Short press→ Continuous lights →Lights off

  • Power On: Long press 1s → Flashing lights→ Heating up

2. Insert a glue stick and push it into the gun.

3. Hold the grip firmly and wipe the glue over the edge where they should be applied.

4. Pull the feed trigger until glue flows from the nozzle. Do NOT over apply.

5. Release the trigger when the desired amount of glue has been applied.

6. Simply place the glued item on the surface.

7. Enjoying the handcraft you made!



Item Weight

‎1.23 pounds

Package Dimensions

‎8.74 x 7.17 x 1.85 inches

Power Source

‎Battery Powered

Included Components

USB-C Charging Cable, 25 Pcs Mini Glue Sticks, Cordless Hot Glue Gun

Batteries Included?


Questions & Answers

Q: Can any brand glue stick be used with this glue gun?

 A: You can use any brand of standard 0.28 in. diameter glue sticks in this glue gun.

Q: How long does it take the glue gun to get hot enough to use?

 A: Only need 15s, fast preheating.

Q: How to prevent further drips from the nozzle?

A: You may observe very few drips after turning it off due to technical fast-heating design. Simply place a piece of paper under the nozzle to prevent drips or place the gun in the charing-stand to power-off (only when the stand is plugged in).

Q: Does this have an auto shut off?

 A: Yes, this glue gun has 3.5 mins smart power-off system.

Q: How long is the battery expected to last per charge?

 A: This gun can support to 90 minutes work at normal conditions.

Q: Can you change the tips of this glue gun?

 A: No but you don’t need to. The amount of pressure you put on the trigger determines whether it is a fine tip or regular tip.

Q: How to identify if the gun starts working or not?

A: Do NOT try to touch the nozzle as it may cause scald. Long press the top button for 1s, and the flashing lights indicate the pre-heating process is properly working now.

Q: Do I need to repeat the process if I just have it back to the charger for a few seconds?

A: No, the gun will automatically switch to charging mode in the stand (make sure the charger is plugged in), which is power-off. Once you ready back to work, the gun will switch to working mode once leaves the charger. So simply grab it and start your project.

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