AiDot App Changelog
Welcome to the changelog of the AiDot app for iOS & Android. Our commitment is to continuously improve the app, aiming to deliver the best smart home experience for you.
V1.33.0 Live
  • Energy Usage insight revamp (add electricity bill cost estimation)
V1.32.1 Live
  • Bug fixes and improvements.
V1.32.0 Live
  • humidifier add clean reminder.
  • Lighting adds some new Preset.
V1.31.0 Live
  • Air purifier, enhanced with customizable sleep mode.
  • Humidifier, upgraded with a Smooth-Mist humidification mode.
  • Battery camera supports signal detection.
  • Path light supports Bluetooth fast control.
V1.30.0 Live
  • Widgets support indoor environmental display.
  • Air purifier supports Alexa filter life query.
  • TRV products support SmartThings control.
  • TRV add calibration.
V1.29.3 Live
  • Bug fixes and improvements.
V1.29.2 Live
  • Free service for camera event notification interval optimization.
  • L1 Camera Humanoid Algorithm Upgrade.
V1.29.1 Live
  • Bug fixes and improvements.
V1.29.0 Live
  • Outdoor camera series, support web live view.
  • IPC device detection trigger cooldown function update.
  • Smart Product Warranty updated Updated sensitivity settings for F2 Pro products.
  • IPC optimized playback page More filter support for air purifier products.
V1.28.1 Live
  • Bug fixes and improvements.