Who We Are

AiDot Co., Ltd (the “AiDot Co.”) is a home for your whole world. We aim to let you do more than you ever could before! Connect your devices, assistants, and routines to start creating your perfect environments. You can plug and play in any way; mix and match devices, rooms, ideas, and more and play them any way your creativity allows. We’re simply putting more of you into your home. The way it should be.

If it works with AiDot, it works with you.

Where We’re Going

Our Mission

Eco Systems. Eco Savings.

Our mission is to develop the future of smart homes through sustainable solutions offered at affordable costs. We cannot talk about the future without acknowledging that sustainability is and must always be the goal.

Our Vision

To build a life beyond smart.

Smart homes and smart lives have come a long way, yet still, feel out of reach for many. We envision a world beyond the” smart” phase where every person and every home can benefit from the advancements in tech.

What is Works with AiDot?

AiDot has built a smart home ecosystem composed of multiple sub-brands with AiDot as the core by intelligently empowering the brands on the ecological chain. 

The products of multiple categories of many sub-brands together constitute the whole scene and whole ecological product system of smart homes under AiDot Ecosystem, which is jointly committed to creating the smart living ecological experience.

Products under the sub-brand jointly constitute the AiDot smart home ecosystem through the logo of Works with AiDot.

AiDot is an app and an Internet of things platform, which can be interconnected with other Internet platforms of many brands. 

AiDot, together with many sub-brands and external brands (in the future), forms the ecosystem of Works with AiDot.

Where We Are

Address: 8605 Santa Monica BLVD 79525 West Hollywood, CA 90069


Contact Us

Email: Marketing@AiDot.com