The TV light strip is a kind of decoration of TV and visual enjoyment for us. Currently, it is becoming a necessary part of home theater, no matter you are watching an epic action movie like Fast&Furious or fabulous football match like the UEFA champions league final 2022- Real Madrid VS Liverpool. The TV light strip which is supposed to put behind TV and shining with rhythms is definitely the best ambience creator for your mood. Let this shining item to be with you to witness the winner of UEFA champions league final 2022.



Part 1 Who Will Win The UEFA Champions League Final: Real Madrid or Liverpool ?


Real Madrid from Spanish Primera Division and Liverpool from Premier League, two great professional soccer teams are going to meet in UEFA Champions League Final just like what they did in 2018. 4 years ago, Real Madrid was the final winner because of the extraordinary performance of Gareth Bale. But 4 years later, things has changed, so do these two teams. Real Madrid has lost the greatest player- Cristiano Ronaldo and some other core players are not in the top anymore. On the contrary, Liverpool has entered into a excellent situation in last 3 years with a UEFA Champions League champion 2019. It seems that Liverpool is more powerful than Real Madrid, but you will never know the consequence until last second which is exact the charming of football.

tv light strip


For Real Madrid, Benzema is the nuclear weapon now since he did a lot of amazing things in several past matches this season. There is no doubt that he has biggest chance to win the Golden Ball this year. In the middle field, three old players: Kroos, Modric, and Casemiro are still contributing for team in their thirties with forming a stable middle field. For defense, it is not as good as Ramos’s time, but still a great goalkeeper- Courtois. The manager is Ancelotti from Italy with a honorable football history as player and manager.


About Liverpool, it is leaded by a passionate manager – Klopp from Germany. With his philosophy of football, Liverpool has come back to the top-level football team in the world. He has three powerful offenses- Salah, Mane, and Firmino which can score a lot of goals. While you hearing “You will never walk alone”, it is like that you are hearing the heartbeats of this team and city.



Part 2 Are TV Light Strips Worth It?


After reviewed situations of these two teams, it is time to take the preparation of match into consideration. What can we do with the TV light strip and is it worth? Sometime while you are watching TV especially at night, it is easy that your eyes get strained. At this moment, the TV light strip can give you more backlighting to create a balance point for colors and contrast in the dark space.


On the other hand, it is more than a protection for your eyes, also an ambience creator for your TV programs. Due to different technologic principles of TV light strips, the colorful lighting will make a synchronized color according to different images of screen. To protect your eyes from strain and create a better atmosphere at the same time. Therefore, it is of great value.



Part 3 The Best Led Strip Lights: AiDot Led Light Strip


While talking about the best led strip lights, AiDot is a brand which cannot be ignored. The led light strip of AiDot is designed to provide a new and fashionable TV-watching experience with its great functions.


TV light strip


1) Connection and capture

A HDMI sync controller box comes with led light strip, to help with their link with any HDMI 1.4b source. After connection, it is supposed to represent different, fast, seamless display of colorful lighting on the basis of the images of entire screen. Specifically in technology, This led strip light is able to capture all the tiny dynamic images of high-definition video and it will not being affected of other light source in whole room.


2) Multi dynamic lighting effects on different devices

Within this led strip light, it has 3 screen modes, 4 music modes and 4 scene modes which ensure your varieties of demands can be met. Furthermore, it not an item only for TV, more devices like Switch and PlayStation 5 are also available to be connected. If you are a big fan of video games, do not miss it due to the new gaming experience you can obtain!


3) Multi smart operations

While you are in the middle of an amazing film or football match, one-second missing is a lost. That is not a issue for this smart light bulb because it has two smart controlling ways: app and voice command. By using AiDot app, you can control this TV strip light easily without moving your legs; besides, it can be connected to Alexa, Google Assistant and Smartthings to make your voice command feasible. Just enjoy lighting effects without any operation worries in the process of movie/match-watching.


4) Flexibility of Cuttable attribution

Can I set it on my TV?That is not a problem. AiDot strip light is made of flexible and waterproof materials with a protective cover over the led. The point is that it is cuttable to match any TV which is below 60 inches. Two ways of cut- cutting 2 rolls 2.2m Led strips between every 3 leds or hang the extra strips on the back of the TV are available for you.


5) Color synchronization

This TV light strip contains more than 16 million colors to synchronize with TV’s image for a terrific watching experience. No matter you are watching the UEFA champions league final or Hollywood blockbusters, this TV light strip can create a better atmosphere. As for video games, this is a surprising gift for crazy gamers.



In The End 


There is no doubt that watching football matches is absolutely an enjoyment for all the football passionate fans. To pursue the better watching experience is always what they want to do if there is no chance to see the live match. Do not worry, AiDot Light strip can give you a live feast at home. See you at 5.29.2022, let’s witness a new champion together.