LOS ANGELES , Nov. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- AiDot smart home, a smart home ecosystem brand, is one of the first brands to support Matter. AiDot announced that it would launch matter-compatible bulbs and smart plug products.

Currently, the Matter-compatible smart bulbs are pre-sale on AiDot official store and will be shipped in early 2023. It is a good chance to use the Matter devices as the first batch of users.


AiDot ecosystem New Matter-Certified Smart Light Bulbs now on Pre-Sale

Those bulbs are compatible with Matter over Wi-Fi. They offer a fun and dynamic light environment control option with over 16 million vibrant colors and dimmable color temperatures from warm to cool white (1800K-6500K). Moreover, those bulbs can change colors with the music to enjoy every beat.

Matter compatibility means users can control and schedule lights through any Mater-compatible application or voice assistant via Mater's multi-administrator feature. Multi-administrator feature is just a way for Matter to realize its interoperability commitment. It allows users to choose their favorite brands and devices, the ecosystem with which they will cooperate, and know that their smart home will grow with them.

Apple, Google, Amazon, and Samsung SmartThings all promise to provide Matter compatibility and support for their applications and voice assistants. For more advanced customized functions of AiDot products, such as music rhythm, and Immersive entertainment of the Space rhythm, users need to use the AiDot application.

AiDot has customized functions of the space rhythm, with exclusive light sync technology, to define the entire room rhythms and flickers, brightens, or dims in real-time with the content on the TV screen.

Have an integral home automation experience with the AiDot app and Matter version smart devices. The smart light bulb is only a start, linking more smart devices and establishing a unique smart life. A single AiDot App can connect all the Matter version smart devices from multiple brands. Make the special collocation from smart bulbs and other products.

Users can also share the device with their family or set a countdown to turn on the light at a specific time to prepare for a surprise. And they also can set geo-fence for their smart home products based on self-defined area ranges to make them smarter, actively turn on lights before they get home, and automatically turn off bulbs after they leave the house.

AiDot will continue to launch matter-compatible products to bring a rich product line to Matter and enhance the user experience in various smart home scenarios. AiDot's Matter-compatible Wi-Fi A19 and BR30 bulbs are now available for pre-order on www.aidot.com/matter. Pricing will range from $13.99 to $49.99, and all the new products will be RGBW. 


About AiDot: 

AiDot is a smart home platform that connects devices across brands and ecosystems. With AiDot, your home becomes a connected space that makes your life simpler, safer, and more entertaining.

The AiDot app is the central part of the platform for controlling all smart home devices installed in your home. No matter where you are, you can control "Works with AiDot" devices in your home, including lights, switches, outlets, cameras, sensors and household appliances, or create scenes and automation around your routines.

"Works with AiDot" (WWA) is a mark of interconnectivity across different brands and categories. You can easily control any product featuring the WWA label with AiDot app. Brands that have joined the AiDot ecosystem include well-known smart device brands, such as Linkind, OREiN, MuJoy, Winees, WELOV, Syvio, GoGonova, Ganiza, etc.


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