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Best smart light bulb with remote control function is taken into consideration when we need to get out of bed to hit the light switch. But now, a huge thanks to technology advancements. To turn on or off your lights, we may use your smartphone or our voice if we have a smart assistant to manage the lights, establish timers and schedules, and even alter the colors. Introducing a new stress-free world where we make our home smarter starting with the use of smart light bulbs, an internet-capable LED light bulb that allows lighting to be customized. A world of less expensive options and easy installation. 


In this article, we've combined research, tests, and reviews to enlighten anyone going through this content to help them have a great understanding and know the best smart light bulb suitable for them. Stick with this until the end.



Top 8 Best Smart Light Bulbs for Your Smart Home 


1. Philips Hue White and Color Starter Kit
The Philips kit is compatible with the majority of attendants and is available at a variety of outlets, but it is a little pricey. The Philips kit includes a Hue Bridge hub and three or four lamps in which we can choose from. A variety of colors and brightness settings, as well as preset scenes (or create your own) to set the mood. The bulb also comes with an app that includes instructions and videos that explain how to use it as a timer (it blinks!) and other features. The outdoor motion sensor, older Philips bulbs, and other first- or third-party accessories can easily be connected through the hub. And with the recent upgrades, the pack now comes with a smart button that looks like a remote.


2. The Alexa Smart Light Bulb
Smart bulbs have a variety of features that effectively facilitate your life. The Alexa smart light bulb comes with lots of features like voice control, app control, dimmable 1100%, timer & schedules, group control, and 80% energy saving. You can utilize this function in your bedroom, living room, study, playroom, bar, cafe, dining area, and so on. So long as you have your voice control or app control, you don't have to get up in the middle of the night to turn off the lights, and you don't have to worry about leaving the house without turning them off.


3. Kasa Smart KL130 Light Bulb
Here, a smart app is used to control your light as no hub is required to connect to WiFi. Any colour of choice can be chosen as this light comes in multiple colours with over 16 million colours. Users can dim or schedule lights using the app from anywhere in the world. Kasa smart light also has illumination presets and continuously analyzes bulb energy use. Any virtual assistant like Alexa or Google Assistant can be used. The bulb has a lifespan of 25,000 hours, uses 9.5 watts and puts out 800-850 lumens.


4. AiDot smart light bulb 

4.1. AiDot smart light bulb (3rd-gen)
Aidot is an excellent light. We can use timers and schedules to fit our everyday routine. It can also perform interesting stuff like sync with background music, use voice commands, and so on. Preset scenarios allow us to modify your lighting scheme with a single swipe. The software has a color selection tool that enables us to use our phone's camera to detect and configure over 16 million vibrant colors, as well as dimmable and ultra bright white light that ranges from gentle to cold (1800k-6500k).


4.2. AiDot smart light bulb E26/E27
Linkind smart Wifi vintage bulbs combine the beauty of old filaments with current technology to give our room a 2200K warm candlelight tint and the convenience of smart control. The all-glass shell lets us totally immerse ourself in the beautiful, soothing ambiance. We don't need a hub, as the setup is also simple. We may turn them on/off and dim them from 5% to 100% from the "AiDot" APP at any time as long as they are WiFi connected. We can use the app to create scenarios and set up calendars for anniversaries, meals, and other events.


5. Samsung Smartthings Led Bulb
Using our smartphone or tablet, turn on or off this indoor smart bulb, dim the lights, or schedule them. The ability to operate these bulbs via the Samsung SmartThings app, which allows us to combine our other smart devices, is what sets them apart. This bulb is a good value for money for individuals searching for a basic smart light that doesn't have other capabilities like color changing. The SmartThings light utilizes 9 watts and produces 800 lumens with a 25,000-hour lifespan.


6. Cync Full Color Direct Connect Smart Bulb
It is difficult to pick a favorite because most smart bulbs are so similar, but this was the simplest bulb to set up using the Cync app; it only takes a few minutes from start to end. The app makes choosing between bright hues and white spectrums as well as turning the light on and off very simple. Scenes also allow us to create timetables. Most voice assistants (except Siri!) work with Cync's Direct Connect line of products, and we can operate them even while we aren't at home. Also available for roughly $24 is a two-pack of bulbs.


7. Nooie Aurora Smart light bulb
The Aurora comes with a variety of pleasing tints, as well as preset and custom themes. Although its white spectrum could be bigger and brighter, it meets the demands of most individuals. It offers on/off control, as well as wake-up and bedtime programs that dim or brighten the light. According to Nooie's website, it's also built to avoid overheating thanks to "unique cooling elements."


8. Wyze Bulb White
Wyze's lights, like its security cameras and smart plugs, routinely compete with larger smart-home businesses with affordable but easy-to-use gadgets. The price has gone up a few bucks, but it's still one of the cheapest ways to smarten up your house lighting if you don't want any colors.




Smart lights are an excellent place to start if you want to make your house a little smarter but we all need to consider the best ones for ourselves either in terms of choice or expenses. Therefore, AiDot smart life solution with smart light bulbs is the top choice for your beginning on the basis of functions and costs. In a long run, AiDot is not only limited in smart light bulb but aimed to offer an entire establishment of smart home by lots of diverse smart devices.