AiDot ENHULK 58V 930CFM 200MPH Leaf Blower with 5.0Ah Battery & Charger

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  • [930CFM MOST POWERFUL HANDHELD BLOWER] With optimized air duct and 58V Max technology, the blower's TURBO mode delivers an incredibly strong 930CFM maximum airflow and 200MPH maximum air velocity through patented Airgale siphon nozzle
  • [BRUSHLESS AXIAL FAN BLOWER] ENHULK leaf blower is equipped with an advanced and high-efficiency outer-rotor brushless motor that generates more power than standard brushless motors. Air intake, ducting and airflow are optimized through enhanced axial fan technology. More power, more efficiency
  • [58V MAX 5.0AH BATTERY] ENHULK 58V large-capacity lithium battery utilizes the COOLBLAST system and heat-sink materials for optimal power output and maximum discharge capacity. With an average run time of 40 minutes;15 mins on Turbo, 20 mins on high mode. The 5 LEDs provide users with real-time battery capacity and other status feedback
  • [VARIABLE SPEED & TURBO MODE] The variable speed control main trigger allows users to control the airflow for various scenarios. The TURBO mode can handle tough conditions like wet leaves and heavy debris
  • [ONE-CLICK CRUISE CONTROL] With the advanced digital cruise control feature, the leaf blower will go into cruise control mode and can be easily operated at the touch of one button to reach any speed you desire. In addition, you can have variable control from the current cruise speed to high speeds by pressing a trigger
  • [EZ HMI LED CONTROL PANEL] ENHULK cordless leaf blower has a built-in integrated EZ HMI LED control panel that can display the current working mode. CRUISE CONTROL and TURBO mode are indicated in green, low battery is indicated in red, and malfunction is indicated in flashing red for best interactive experience
  • [MULTI-FUNCTION NOZZLES] The patented siphon nozzle can increase the air volume. The tapered nozzle can increase the air velocity. The spread nozzle can enhance the working width and efficiency
930 CFM
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$299.99 $349.99 $50
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Maximum Air Volume Airflow 200 CFM
Battery Voltage 58 V
Battery Capacity 5Ah
Form Factor Cordless
Max.Volume 73dB
Air Speed 200 MPH
Package Dimensions 22 x 11.5 x 11 inches
Item Weight


Manufacturer Warranty Device: 4 Years, Battery: 2 Years

Airflow Rate of 930CFM

The Enhulk 930 Handheld Cordless Leaf Blower features cutting-edge TURBINE technology inspired by aviation principles. This innovative air propulsion system is engineered to produce a remarkable airflow, reaching a maximum of 930CFM. Through the incorporation of advanced aerodynamic design and robust materials, the Enhulk 930 guarantees heightened airflow, increased power, enhanced cleaning efficiency, and superior durabili

EZ HMI™ Design

Enhulk's intelligent Human-Machine Interface offers significant benefits, primarily centered around three distinct RED buttons: the Variable Speed Main Trigger, Turbo Mode, and Cruise Control. The Enhulk 58V 930CFM cordless leaf blower model LBL1493J is equipped with a built-in integrated SMART-HMI LED control panel, providing the user with an exceptional interactive experience for optimal control and convenience.


Crafted with ingenuity, the Enhulk 930 features strategically placed intake and exhaust vents. This design effectively lowers temperatures by as much as 12 degrees Fahrenheit, guarding against overheating and extending the system's lifespan.

Surging Power from Generalized 58V Battery Pack

The Enhulk blower is driven by a high-discharge and high-capacity 58V battery. Boasting a substantial 5Ah capacity, it guarantees exceptional performance and prolonged runtime, enabling uninterrupted leaf-blowing for up to 120 minutes. Additionally, the presence of 5 LED indicators light provides users with real-time battery capacity information and other valuable status feedback.

Low-Noise Design

With its low-noise design, the Enhulk 58V Series 930 guarantees a quiet operation, creating a more enjoyable leaf-blowing experience.

Variable Speed Control

The Enhulk 58V 930CFM cordless leaf blower is outfitted with a variable speed control main trigger, enabling the operator to adjust the airflow to suit different application needs.

Enhulk 58V 930CFM cordless leaf blower LBL1493J has a built-in integrated SMART-HMI LED control panel for best interactive experience.

Patented siphon nozzle can increase the air volume. Tapered nozzle can increase the airspeed. Spread nozzle can enhance the working width efficiency

Release button design, quick disassembly in one second, detachable air tube design for easy storage and portability

Metal hook can be used to install the shoulder strap, It will not feel unbalanced and fatigued when operated for a long time

By providing effective air cooling technology, Enhulk Leaf Blower ensures reliable and long-lasting performance, allowing users to confidently tackle their yard cleanup tasks without worrying about overheating issues.

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Noise Rating
Running Time
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200 MPH / 145 MPH
Turbo Mode and Cruise Control
15.37 lbs.
73 dB
120 MINS / 60 MINS
58 V
5.0 Ah / 2.5 Ah
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18,000 RPM
185 MPH
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3.4 lbs.
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