AiDot Gogonova 850W 7.2AMP Jigsaw with 6 Variable Speeds

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7.2AMP(850W) Jig Saw, GoGonova 6 Variable Speeds Jigsaw, 4-Stage Orbital Function, ±45° Bevel, Jig Saw Tool Kit with Wood Cutter Blades, Laser Guide (LED), Scale Ruler, Dust Blowing.


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6 Available Speeds

Optional 6 speeds of our jigsaw provide precise control for delicate to tough cutting needs.

4-Stages Pendulum Action

4-Stages Pendulum Action is ready for better cutting performence on variable materials.

45° Bevel Cutting

0° to 45° bevel settings better handle versalile uses like beveling or curved cutting.

Laser Beam Guide

Integrated with Laser Beam Guide, the jig saw keeps you noticed and focused on the right direction of cutting.

Scale Ruler

In case of straight cutting, Scale Ruler is an ideal attachment remain the movement on straight for better accuracy.

LED Light

The LED light of our wood cutter guides the cutting light and provides necessary illumination.

Dust Blowing

Equipped with blowing system, the jig saw help clear the route and ensure the expected finish of cutting.

Tool-free Blade Change

Tool-free design make it simple to complete blade replacement in a few seconds.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic design promise a comfortable using experience with rubblized handle.

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Product Dimensions 9.2"L x 8.6"W x 2.6"H
Voltage 110 Volts
Amperage 7.2 Amps
Warranty Type Limited
Cutting Angle ‎45 Degrees
Current Rating ‎7.2 Amps
AiDot Gogonova 850W 7.2AMP Jigsaw with 6 Variable Speeds