AiDot Winees M2 Pro 2K Indoor Security Camera - Smart AI Detection, 2-Way Audio

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  • 24x7 IP Camera with 2K Resolution
  • Smart AI Detection & Customized Settings
  • Sound & Cross-out Detection for Babies
  • All-Day Monitoring & Real-Time Alerts
  • Advanced IR Night Vision
  • Real-Time Two-Way Audio
  • Secure Storage & Privacy Protection
  • Simple to use & Work with Alexa
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Package Dimensions 5.51 x 5.47 x 4.49 inches
Item Weight 7.8 ounces
Image Sensor 2K
Type Micro SD Card
Wireless 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
Adapter Input 100V-240VAC, output 12V/1A
Working Temperature -20°C ~ 45°C
Detection Range 7meters
Pan 270°

Stay Connected to What Matters Most with M2 Pro 2K Indoor Security Camera

Keeping you in touch with your home, loved ones, and cherished pets, this cutting-edge IP camera offers a seamless blend of advanced features and intuitive design to ensure your peace of mind.

2K HD Resolution

Experience the world in remarkable detail with the 2K HD resolution.

From day to night, enjoy crystal-clear live videos that let you monitor your baby's room even in complete darkness.

Baby Monitoring Camera

Stay alert to your baby's movements via our mobile app.

Enjoy color night vision for constant monitoring, and interact using 2-way audio for a deeper connection.

Pet's Watchful Companion

Experience peace of mind with this pet camera.

Through our mobile app, you can effortlessly keep tabs on your beloved cats and dogs, ensuring their well-being.

Works with Alexa 

This camera seamlessly integrates with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Effortlessly view the live stream on Alexa devices using a simple voice command, enhancing your monitoring experience.

24/7 Monitoring & Instant Alerts
Stay vigilant with the Winees M2 Smart Camera's constant monitoring. It instantly detects and records any unusual activity, sending immediate phone notifications for you to respond promptly.
Smart AI Detection
This cutting-edge algorithm intelligently distinguishes humans, pets, parcels, and vehicles, eliminating false alarms from pets or shadows.
Instant notifications keep you informed, no matter where you are, the moment motion or a person is detected, delivering unparalleled accuracy and peace of mind to your monitoring experience.
2 Storage Options & Data Protection
Opt for the convenience of the 128GB micro SD card or the added security of the cloud service to store your data. Additionally, access your footage effortlessly through the app's intelligent timeline, ensuring seamless playback with superior quality.
Real-Time Two-Way Audio
Easily engage in real-time conversations from anywhere on the globe with a simple tap on your phone. Whether it's a quick check-in on your kids or pets or a way to deter potential intruders, effortlessly listen and communicate through the camera.

Sound Detection  

Experience adaptable sound monitoring with three distinct levels of detection and alarm: above 50, 65, and 80 decibels.



 Cross-out Detection

Ensure your baby's safety within designated areas at all times with our cross-out detection feature.



Important Guidelines for Safe Usage

  1. When setting up the camera, kindly wait for the green light to flash before proceeding to the next step.
  2. Utilize only the provided adapter to prevent any potential damage to the product.
  3. Ensure this product is out of reach of children. It contains small magnets and parts that could pose a choking or injury hazard if swallowed.
  4. Avoid installation in damp areas, outdoor locations, close proximity to heat sources, or near metal objects and mirrors that may interfere with radio signals.
  5. Refrain from disassembling or reconfiguring the camera, as this could lead to security vulnerabilities.
  6. Prior to cleaning, unplug the power cord. Avoid using liquids, spray cleaners, or wet cloths to clean the camera.
  7. Maintain proper ventilation by not obstructing or covering the slots and openings on the device.

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