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Key Features of AiDot Protection Plan
Human Detection
Pet Detection
Package Detection
Vehicle Detection
New Features
Fire Detection
Fire issue is always serious for all of us. It is important that we keep our house away from fire accidents. In order to do that, the cloud of AiDot can offer this new function- Fire Detection which is able to detect any fire in your house and keep you informed all the time. No more worry about fire accidents in your house.
Animal Detection
For detecting any potential dangers from appearing of wild animals, especially the big ones - bears, AiDot has released the Animal Detection which can help you to know when a bear is near the house. Ensure the personal safety or property safety of your family.
Pet Monitoring
Real-time monitoring and a deeper understanding of pets can be achieved by data analysis. By setting certain fields and then observing how many times your pet has entered to have a better understanding of your loved cutie. Another reason why you need Pet Sitting is that it can keep you informed in good time when your cutie is ill by checking unusual data.
Home Monitoring
Real-time detection for activities of your family especially babies in your chosen area. If no one is detected for a while, a push message will be sent to remind you to check the situation at home.
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What Can You Get from AiDot Protection Plan?
AiDot Protection Plan contains Intelligence Algorithm and Cloud Storage. The Intelligence Algorithm can make your surveillance more efficient and the Cloud Storage enables you to check playbacks safely and promptly.
Which Devices Support AiDot Protection Plan?
All the security cameras tagged with Works with AiDot can support AiDot Protection Plan.
How to Get The AiDot Protection Plan?
After purchase, you will get the gift card by email. Please check the email about the next steps.
How to Get A Free 2K security camera?
Buy an 18-month Protection Plan with a crazy budget, a free 2K security will be given to you.