Winees WiFi Water Leak Detector, 3 Pack Water Sensors with 100dB


The Winees WiFi Water Leak Detector has Leak Alert Email&SMS Notification, 365 Days Life, 100M Transmission for Basement, Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry S1 Plus.

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Direct Pre-paired between Hub and Sensor
When the hub successfully connects to WiFi for the first time, the water leak sensor has been connected to the hub by default.
APP & SMS & Email Notification
Once any water leak is detected, the APP will notify you immediately. We have added email and SMS notification services to double-protect your home.

Three Adjustable Volume

The detector provides 3 levels of adjustable volume: high/medium/low, adjust the suit volume by yourself on the app or hub.

One Key to Turn Off the Alarm

Quickly cancel the alarm through three buttons on the hub or APP.



Pair Up to 10 Water Sensors

A quick way to add new water sensors, press and hold the 915MHz pairing button on the hub for 3s, and then press and hold the sensor for 5s.

Easy to replace battery

TGently turn the shell behind the sensor with the knob to remove and replace the battery

Kitchen Dishwasher
Laundry Room Washing Machine
Bathroom Toilet
Bathroom Sink
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Item Weight

‎‎7 ounces

Package Dimensions

‎6.14 x 3.27 x 2.17 inches



Power Source

‎Battery Powered

Sound Level

‎100 dB


S1 Plus




‎3 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Q1:How does a Water Leak Sensor work?

A1:The Water Leak Sensor utilizes the conductivity of water. When two probes touch the water simultaneously, a current loop is formed. At this time, the sensor reports the water immersion/water leakage status to the hub, triggering an alarm.


Q2: Why does the hub have no alarm sound after detecting water immersion?

A2: Please check whether the alarm switch of the subdevice is turned on in the subdevice list of the app. When not enabled, only message push and logging are available.


Q3: Why is the Water Leak Sensor often offline?

A3: The device is far away from the hub. Please install the sensor close to the hub. 2. The battery is low, or the battery is dead. Please replace it with a new battery. 3. 915MHz is installed on a metal surface, and the signal is disturbed.


Q4:What is the reason for the failure to connect the Water Leak Sensor? How should I reconnect?

A4: 1. If the operation is wrong, please re-add the device according to the device adding method.

2. If the distance to the hub is too far, move the device closer to the hub and add the device again.

3. The hub's sub-device is overloaded.


Q5: What is the water level to trigger the alarm?

A5:When the detected water level reaches a height of 2mm, an alarm can be triggered.

Winees WiFi Water Leak Detector, 3 Pack Water Sensors with 100dB