AiDot Winees WiFi Water Leak Detector with Leak Alerts - 3 Packs

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  • Remotely Monitoring Leaking
  • APP & SMS & Email Notification
  • Adjustable Volume & Mute Instantly
  • IP66 Waterproof & 365 Days Life
  • Pre-paired Sensors & Easy Setup
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Special Price $50.99 Regular Price $59.99 -15%
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Free & Fast Delivery (2-7 days)
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Item Weight ‎‎7 ounces
Package Dimensions ‎6.14 x 3.27 x 2.17 inches
Shape ‎‎Circular
Power Source ‎Battery Powered
Sound Level ‎100 dB
Style S1 Plus
Usage ‎Inside
Batteries ‎3 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Secure Your Home, Prevent Water Woes: Unleash the Power of Leak Detection!

Rest easy knowing that our reliable system will promptly detect any water leaks, helping you mitigate potential damage. Safeguard your home with ease and enjoy peace of mind with our cutting-edge Water Leak Detection System.


Seamless Setup, Effortless Protection
The water leak sensor is pre-paired with the hub upon successful WiFi connection, ensuring a hassle-free setup. With a slim 1.8mm thickness, it can be discreetly placed in any hidden corner for optimal coverage.
Instant Notifications
Receive instant app notifications and alerts whenever a water leak is detected. For added protection, we've included email and SMS notification services to ensure you never miss an important flooding event.

Three Adjustable Volume

Our detector offers three levels of adjustable volume - high, medium, and low.  You can easily adjust the volume using the app or the hub.

Alarm Control at Your Fingertips

This system allows you to quickly cancel the alarm through three easily accessible buttons on the hub or the intuitive app interface.



Pair Up to 10 Water Sensors

Connect up to 10 water sensors with ease. Simply press and hold the 915MHz pairing button on the hub for 3 seconds, and then press and hold the sensor for 5 seconds.

Effortless Battery Replacement

When it's time to replace the battery, gently turn the knob located on the back of the sensor's shell. No complicated steps or tools required.

Kitchen Dishwasher
The sight of water constantly leaking from your kitchen sink drain raises an instant alarm. The longer you wait, the greater chance you’ll meet an unexpected flood in your kitchen.
Laundry Room Washing Machine
The bottom of the washing machine is prone to water seepage; the perimeter is usually cabinets for storing household items, which can cause significant damage to items.
Bathroom Toilet
Toilets are also high-frequency areas for falls. Put the sensor on the lower end of the toilet to detect water leakage in time.
Bathroom Sink
The elderly and children are most likely to fall in the bathroom, so we must always keep the bathroom dry, winees sensor will protect your family safety.

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Q1:How does a Water Leak Sensor work?

A1:The Water Leak Sensor utilizes the conductivity of water. When two probes touch the water simultaneously, a current loop is formed. At this time, the sensor reports the water immersion/water leakage status to the hub, triggering an alarm.


Q2: Why does the hub have no alarm sound after detecting water immersion?

A2: Please check whether the alarm switch of the subdevice is turned on in the subdevice list of the app. When not enabled, only message push and logging are available.


Q3: Why is the Water Leak Sensor often offline?

A3: The device is far away from the hub. Please install the sensor close to the hub. 2. The battery is low, or the battery is dead. Please replace it with a new battery. 3. 915MHz is installed on a metal surface, and the signal is disturbed.


Q4:What is the reason for the failure to connect the Water Leak Sensor? How should I reconnect?

A4: 1. If the operation is wrong, please re-add the device according to the device adding method.

2. If the distance to the hub is too far, move the device closer to the hub and add the device again.

3. The hub's sub-device is overloaded.


Q5: What is the water level to trigger the alarm?

A5:When the detected water level reaches a height of 2mm, an alarm can be triggered.

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