Smart home technologies are incredibly popular today! However, one thing that sometimes frustrates consumers is figuring out how to connect them to a device. While the Internet of Things movement is making life more convenient, there have often been compatibility issues between devices and smart home systems. However, the introduction of Matter protocol provides an opportunity to make smart home devices work more seamlessly. So what is Matter protocol? Let’s take a deeper dive.

what is Matter protocolwhat is Matter protocol

Part 1. What Is Matter Protocol?

You may have noticed the name Matter pop in when looking at smart home products from companies like Amazon and Google. Matter is a relatively new network protocol that can be used by smart home devices. Essentially, it is a complex set of rules that help devices communicate with one another.

Part 2. How Does Matter Protocol Work?

Matter functions at the application layer. This means that it overlays things like Wi-Fi and Thread protocol (a popular protocol used to connect smart home devices with one another). Matter can work in multiple ways. First, it connects directly to Wi-Fi using Internet protocol, the process through which your router assigns IP addresses. This allows you to be able to control your smart home devices from your phone while you are away.

However, Matter also connects to the Thread wireless protocol. This allows you to control your devices from your smart phone while you are at home, even if you do not have a current connection. Thread is a mesh networking system that allows many devices to serve like miniature routers to extend your home’s connection. Thus, connecting Matter with Thread enables it to utilize these mesh processes.

In simpler terms, Matter protocol allows you to connect and control your smart home devices with either Wi-Fi or Thread. You can use it with or without a smart home hub as well.

Matter architectureMatter architecture

Part 3. What Will Matter Bring?

Seamless Connections

With Matter, there is no more worrying whether or not a device will easily connect to your smart home system. You will know that any device with the Matter seal of approval will work. This helps take the guesswork and research out of purchasing new devices, providing more ease for customers.

Integration with Many Devices

While existing systems have a limit to the number of devices they can integrate with, Matter is able to connect to more than 65,000 devices. This is far more than anyone would ever need to use. Thus, you can rest assured that your network will not get overcrowded when you are using Matter.

Top of the Line Security

People are increasingly concerned about ensuring that their smart home system is secure in order to prevent external tampering. Matter takes a huge step in improving security. By operating with AES-256 encryption, Matter provides homes with an industry-standard level of encryption. Rest assured that your smart home is secure from hackers with Matter.

Part 4. What Devices Will Work with Matter?

While Matter is a relatively new technology, there are already some devices on the shelves that will work with it. Simply look for the Matter logo to know that a smart device functions with Matter. This is a simple way to know if an item supports this network protocol.

Going forward, the vast majority of smart home devices will work using Matter. This is because Matter Protocol was developed by a consortium of companies including Amazon, Apple, Google, Zigbee, Samsung, and many others. In fact, over 400 different companies are members of this consortium, known collectively as the Connectivity Standards Alliance. Their goal is to streamline smart device integration using Matter.

Matter smart homeMatter smart home

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Part 6. FAQs About Matter Protocol

1. Who created Matter protocol?

Matter protocol was first created as part of the Project Connected Home over IP (CHIP) working group. This group is now known as the Connectivity Standards Alliance, which has over 400 different member companies. The project began in 2019 and was first released in late 2022.

2. Does Matter work over Wi-Fi?

Yes, Matter is able to work over Wi-Fi, ethernet, and Thread, providing many different options for connection.

3. What layer is the Matter protocol?

Matter protocol functions on the application layer. This means that smart home devices are able to work seamlessly across any major smart home system.

4. Is Matter replacing Zigbee?

Matter is not replacing Zigbee. Devices that use Zigbee will continue to function. Protocols such as Bluetooth, Zigbee, and Z-Wave will continue to exist.


Matter protocol solves a problem in the smart home industry by providing a comprehensive way for devices to easily connect to virtually any smart home system. With buy-in from hundreds of companies, Matter will be the primary way that smart home systems of the future communicate. Get your Matter-compatible smart bulbs from AiDot!