decorative solar garden lightsdecorative solar garden lights


Decorative solar garden lights have been used in many homes at present due to the marvelous ambiance they created for our garden. Perhaps you have lots of ideas about how to decorate the garden, no matter what your inspiration is, decorative solar garden lights can make it vivid. In this article, 5 popular decorative solar garden lights including landscape solar lights, butterfly solar garden lights, mushroom solar garden lights, flower solar lights for the garden, and string garden solar lights will be introduced for you to know more about these pretty solar decorative lights for garden.  



Part.1 5 Decorative Solar Garden Lights in Different Shapes


1. Landscape Solar lights


Using landscape solar lights is a popular way to decorate the yard with less cost. It will make full use of solar energy to make your outdoor space vital. That is what AiDot landscape solar lights are doing for consumers. This decorative solar garden light looks like the torch from the Statue of Liberty, which represent its mission: enlightening your whole world with best garden decorative solar lights. 


It has an internal sensor that is designed to detect changes in the natural light, and automatically turns on at dusk and goes off at dawn. For different demands of brightness, there are three lighting modes(low, medium, and high)can be selected that allow them to last for 24/12/6 hours after fully charged. Featuring warm white 3000k and 16 LEDs, it can produce lighting of 650 lumen which is much brighter than other similar products. The narrower 90-degree beam angle makes it easy to light up any specific fields of the garden. Two installation methods is another surprising merit. You can insert it into the ground with an included ground stake or install it on the wall with included screws and a wall bracket. It is portable and ideal for most fields like the patio, yard, garden, and pathway. Lastly, its features of IP67 waterproof, heat-resistant, and frost-resistant giving it the ability to work under any terrible weather. 



2. Butterfly Solar Garden Lights 


If you like butterfly, it must be exciting to see them in your garden. But this is not what always happens in our daily life. Exhart 5-inch wide and large butterfly solar garden light makes it happens in your every day. The outlook of this decorative solar garden light is like a real butterfly with can shine in different colors. This 30 inches tall solar garden light has a patented design that can add instant charm, whimsy, and a romantic atmosphere to your yard and makes it like a garden of Disneyland. Except for the pretty figure, it is also durable and can be used for a long time due to its durable and weather-resistant materials. This decorative solar garden light can be a long-term stunning display even after rain or shine. 


The light of this butterfly solar light is powered by 6 color-changing led lights. With the sunset, the stake of butterfly solar light will illuminate your garden automatically, both the stake and butterfly. There are also some small tips for the first use: 8-hour charging time from the sun is needed; the protective film on the solar panel needs to be removed; stakes need access to sunlight to charge and turn the switch to the”on” position on the solar panel.



3. Mushroom Solar Garden Lights 


Have you ever played a classic video game - Super Marie? If the answer is yes, then you are going to love this decorative solar garden light - mushroom solar garden light. Seen from distance, it is just like a mushroom that can shine, what a great appearance - realistic and vivid mushroom design. The length of this mushroom solar light is 23ft, and each set of mushroom lights contains 8 realistic mushrooms and 50 Led color-changing lights, and there are water droplets adorning the cover of the mushroom. This unity of 8 mushroom solar lights will give you a marvelous ambiance in the garden. 


This decorative solar light has an upgraded version of the solar panel which can run at most 10 hours under full-charging conditions. The charging is simple as well, just turn on the switch and place the solar panel under the full sunlight. No matter day or night, it will make your garden a wonderful Super Marie scene. Besides, this mushroom solar light is made of IP65 waterproof material, it is durable even under terrible weather like windy or snowy. It is ideal for the decoration of a garden, flowerbed, patio, and other outside spaces. Is this the Super Marie scene in your memory?  



4. Flower Solar Lights For Garden


If you are into flowers or some of your family members like flowers, then these kinds of decorative solar garden lights are ideal to create a romantic ambiance with some special flowers - Tonulax flower solar lights for the garden. The appearance of these decorative solar garden lights is like real flowers, red like rose and white like lily. This flower solar light has a large solar panel that has a high-efficient conversion which can raise up 35% than the previous version, and the working time has been increased to 15 hours while fully charged as well.


In terms of different colors of the flower, these decorative garden solar lights have 7 colors that can be switched one by one, to transfer your garden into a magic world. It is also easy to install and maintain because no wire and external electricity are needed, this decorative solar garden light will automatically turn on in the dark to light up the entire backyard or pathway. No matter the path light or in-ground light you need, these flower solar lights are excellent choices. If more directions of lighting are necessary, this flower has adjustable stems and leaves as well. Its stems and leaves are able to be bent into different angles for diverse lighting purposes.



5. String Garden Solar Lights 


If some lightings in the air are the style you want in the garden, Brightown string garden solar lights are a good beginning. Put one or several string garden solar lights on the fence or wall in the garden, how beautiful it is. This string garden light has a 180-degree adjustable monocrystalline silicon solar panel, plus the internal 800 mAh rechargeable battery which can be charged without sockets and wires. In the daytime, this decorative solar garden light will absorb enough solar energy, and then it can work for 8 – 10 hours. Even on rainy days, the IP65 waterproof function of this solar light makes it able to work as usual. No more worries about the terrible weather. Regarding lighting modes, these string garden lights have 8 lighting modes including waves, combination, sequential, gradual, chasing flash, slow fade, twinkle flash, and steady on. No matter what is your preference, it can be found here. 


What’s more, the energy-saving led lights are another advantage of these decorative solar garden lights. They have 35.6 feet long string with 60 super bright led bulbs powered by solar energy. It is even touchable after a long working period.