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Home monitoring is a very crucial issue for all families. If you have kids and children, you should pay more attention to how to make your family 100 percent safe. Therefore, experts recommend a home security monitoring system that is combined with several security cameras. This kind of machinery can take place of us to monitor our family.



Part.1 Latest Home Monitoring Function of AiDot App


AiDot app has been researching AI functions for a long time with the understanding of the real demands of users. Home Monitoring is one of the latest two AI functions, which is aimed to have better monitoring and fast warning of your family members, especially the elderly, kids, and babies. It has the basic function of the traditional security camera monitor- surveillance of the entire area, and one more advanced feature-timely warning of potential unusual issues. 


AiDot is focusing on the real demands of users, and this Home Monitoring is created under this circumstance. Many elderly and babies are always at home alone, and this has caused some potential dangers like sudden illness or robbery. Therefore, AiDot Home Security Monitoring can prevent this kind of issue from the beginning. 


Let us check out how to use AiDot Home Security Monitoring function to avoid potential dangers. The Automation part of AiDot app is the place where you can find advanced smart functions just like Home Monitoring after you connected smart devices. The main feature of Home Monitoring is the real-time detection of your family’s activities. If no one is detected for a period of time which can be set by you, a push message will be sent to you to remind you to check the situation at home. If one area is not enough, setting several indoor security cameras to form a home security system is the ideal option. Besides, the latest data of activity will be represented to you for further understanding. 



Part.2 A Big Surprise for Fans 


Already interested in Home Security Monitoring? Another huge surprise will shock you: buy an 18-month cloud service to get a free gift of an indoor security camera. No worry about the selection of security cameras. Just start with this AiDot indoor security camera and try the Home Monitoring.