Since the creation of the light bulb, humans have harnessed artificial light and tread through the treacherous dark, making way for great discoveries and inventions. Good lighting, both literally and figuratively, can light up a room. With the advancement in technology, we have reached the stage of smart lighting solutions, which can cater to your every need and mood. So, what might be the best lighting for studying?

which light is best for studyingwhich light is best for studying

Part 1. Why Bother Choosing the Right Light?

The right light can make all the difference. But what might go so wrong with a bad light?

It turns out it can actually change your grade! Studies suggest that bad lighting can cause inefficient gathering of data by the brain. While in good lighting, one can gather information at a higher rate. So, why fret in a dim and dingy environment when you can opt for smart lighting solutions? After all, it’s the era of smart work!

Furthermore, bad lighting can cause multiple other problems in your day-to-day functioning. Working in dim or generally bad lighting is linked with anxiety as well. This, combined with the well-known effects such as eye fatigue, strain, and headache, can cause you trouble in your daily functioning.

Also, it is suggested that one must avoid blue lighting at night before sleeping. Harsh lighting can cause a delay in REM (deep) sleep or shortened REM sleep. This can further deteriorate your overall health.

Part 2. Which Light Is Best for Studying?

2.1 In Terms of Color Temperature

In terms of the color temperature of the lighting, cool white to natural (4000K to 6500K) is considered to be the best range for effective lighting for studying. Natural lighting has proven to bring higher efficiency, less fatigue, and hence more productivity in studying.

light temperaturelight temperature

2.2 In Terms of Light Brightness

A bright light can bring home some brighter reading and studying experiences. It is generally considered best that you don’t use a dim light or a light that is too bright for studying. The extremes can have very negative effects. Where a dim light will affect the efficiency of reading through fatigue and low visibility, a light that is too bright can cause an effect called veiling reflection which can decrease retention. A light of around 450 lumens would be your best shot.

2.3 In Terms of Light Position

Contrary to the most general lighting in spaces being overhead lights, it has actually been suggested that a combination of floor lights and desk lamps creates an ideal setting for studying. The most important idea of positioning is to avoid all shadows and mimic a naturally lit environment. The lighting needs to be soft and evenly distributed. Desk lamps or any such focused lighting needs to be positioned opposite to the dominant hand to avoid shadows and ensure smooth coverage of the workspace.

2.4 In Terms of Light Bulb Type

There are various light bulb types available: incandescent, LEDs, CFLs, full spectrum lights, etc. For studying, it is suggested that warm or natural lighting produced by full spectrum light bulbs and LEDs is best as it increases readability and puts away all the ill effects of bad lighting. On the other hand, incandescent bulbs and CFLs are said to be too dingy and too harsh for studying, respectively.

Part 3. What Matters While Choosing the Best Light to Study In

A reputed brand with smart lighting solutions, such as Aidot, offers a wide variety of lighting solutions. Apart from the specifications suggested above, there are a few other things one might consider before buying a study light:

1. Dimmability and Color Variance

Not all people are made the same. One may like a slightly different light setting for themselves. Such features allow for this correction and can let you choose the perfect setting for all moods and especially efficient studying.

2. Movement and Versatility

A good light will be well equipped with joints to allow it to be repositioned according to the requirements of the room. Such flexibility can help make a huge difference in the distribution of light.

3. Lifespan and Energy Consumption

A smart lighting solution is not just efficient for studying but should also bring along a longer lifespan and low energy consumption. LEDs have made this easier to be achieved, and one should really consider such pocket and environment-friendly options if one is going for layers of lighting.

Part 4. A Good LED Desk Lamp Is What You Need

Whether or not you are going for layers of lights, a smart lighting solution must include a good LED desk lamp. Aidot offers some of the best and most versatile lighting solutions. These come loaded with useful features, such as this amazing LED Desk Lamp with Clamp.

The LED desk lamp with a clamp is equipped with a 26-inch 23-watt light bar. It can be very easily clamped on your desk and throw light in an even manner from above. It comes equipped with various features that make this light quite versatile for all your needs:

AiDot LED Desk Lamp with ClampAiDot LED Desk Lamp with Clamp
  • Uniform brightness design; protect your eyesight and reduce eye strain; NO flickering, NO glare.
  • Long bar design; great for all kinds of workstations and ideal for a multi-monitor workstation.
  • Flexible gooseneck design; turn the dimmable desk lamp to any angle possible according to your needs.
  • Support a tabletop thickness up to 2.9 inches and more; save space than stand-up desk lamps.
  • Easily controlled by sensitive touch control and wireless remote controller: 5 color temperature modes (2700K-6000K), 7 Dimmable brightness levels (stepless dimming via remote control), 30-60-90-120 minutes auto off Timer, etc.
  • Equipped with USB charging port; useful for charging your smartphone, ipad, tablet or other smart device

With Aidot, you won’t need to fret about product quality, as it comes equipped with a 60 days back guarantee. So wait no more and get your own AiDot LED desk lamp for some serene study sessions.

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Part 5. Some Warm Tips for Study Light

  1.  Layer the lights: This is a great way to generate uniform lighting; one can use a combination of desk lamps, bar lights, or floor lights to uniformly illuminate the room in a smooth candescent. In general, brighter room light and a smooth focussed light such as smart desk lamps can help bring a perfect harmony of lighting in the room.
layer the lightslayer the lights

       2.  Warmer tones at night: Before you go off to sleep, it will be a good idea to switch to warmer tones, as the lesser the blue light, the better will be the sleep. This also reduces eye fatigue allowing you to pull longer study sessions.

       3.  Concealed lighting: One can opt for concealed lights for more diffused lighting in the room instead of harsh lights facing you right into the face. These further allow for a smooth and uniform lighting in the room.


Good lighting can make all the difference. It is highly important for you to choose the right light for your study sessions as it does not just affect your grades but can also have a great impact on your overall health. The market is open with numerous options, but be sure to go for the right temperature, brightness, and bulb type. Aidot offers plenty of products for all your needs, and for studying, you will be more than happy with the LED desk lamp with a clamp. Now you can ditch the midnight oil and get your own smart lighting solution — Aidot LED Desk Lamp with Clamp for all your late-night discoveries.