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The best landscape lighting is hard to define due to the diverse demands of landscaping lights from users. But it is certain that this item is becoming a convenience for lighting, security, and ambiance establishment, enhancing the beauty and security of your house. You even do not need to be an expert in handcraft, the uncomplicated DIY attribute enables you to put it anywhere like yard, garden, garage, and patio you want easily. But how to select the best landscape lights? If you do not have the specific demands, just go through the below contents and you will find your own answers.




Part 1 The Important Factors for Choosing Best Landscape Lighting 


Color of Light 

The color of light is an important aspect of selecting the best landscape because it has an impact on the aesthetic of the entire atmosphere. In general, warm white(about 2700K), natural white(about 3000K), and cool white(about 4000K) are the commonest selections. 


Power Source 

The traditional power source of landscape lights is the battery. In recent years, solar landscape lights have become very popular while comparing to traditional landscape lights. Solar-powered landscape lights can offer more positive features than traditional ones.



As an outdoor lighting product, waterproofing is a necessary feature it must equip with. Taking rain, and snow wind into consideration, the landscape light cannot work well without a waterproof function. 



For a wider usage scene, you might need a landscape light that can be put in different places like the wall, ground, or even tree. Therefore, the installation methods of your targeted landscape light are crucial. You can select based on the landscaping areas its installation methods can cover. 




Part 2 5 Best Landscape Lighting      


1.AiDot landscape light 


The first recommendation for the best landscape lighting is AiDot solar landscape light. This best solar landscape light has a fashionable outlook like a torch light. It has a powerful solar panel that is used to absorb solar energy in the daytime, then it can shine in your outdoor space with full solar energy. 2-installation methods are available while setting this product, you can use it as landscape light or wall light. Just insert it into the ground with an included ground stake or install it on the wall with included screws and wall bracket. It is portable and convenient, compatible with a porch, pool, patio, yard, garden, and driveway. No matter what is your targeted area, it can make it. 


After success setting, several colors and two color modes can be selected for landscaping. On fixed color mode, their area 8 colors including red, green, blue, lemon yellow, purple, cyan, rainbow, and white can be adjusted according to your mood. On color cycling mode, a dynamic statue that will change the above colors gradually in a cycle is another option for color combination. The working time is also positive. With a full-charging, it can last 6- 12 hours on the basis of user mode. Having a great time with your friends and family, this solar light landscape will do the preparation.  The most exciting part is the price, this is a high cost-effective item with an amazing 2-pack discount price – 26.99USD. Besides, a landscape lighting kit is a brightened dot, it consists of three diverse products: a solar landscape light, a flood light, and an outdoor security camera. It is ideal for your entire outdoor landscaping system. 



2. Kichler landscape lighting


Kichler has a series of landscape lighting with different color temperatures, appearance, light sources, and voltage. One 12v 50w 1 light accent light textured architectural bronze is our topic today. This landscape light is aimed to illuminate trees, statuary, and textured surfaces for dramatic, attention-getting visuals. Using two or three fixtures to cross-light the target space like a tree for a 360-degree visual range and the flat lens protect the light source and connection points from the outdoor elements. Even in bad weather conditions, this landscape light can work as usual. It has a durable, solid, aluminum construction that can resist extreme weather. But the color is fixed on the white color, even the color temperature can be customized. 



3. Volt landscape lighting


Volt is also a brand with lots of landscape lights. A landscape lighting kit is a premium option for this brand. The price is relatively higher due to its provided products. This landscape light kit contains 6 G2 fat boy cast brass spotlights, 4 max speed path&area lights, 1 100’ Spool of 14/2 Premium Direct Burial Landscape Lighting Cable, 2 Pro Junction Hub, 1 3/4" PVC Conduit, 1 VOLT® 150 Watt Slim Line LED Transformer. With all these lighting items, it is easy to offer lighting solutions in the path, bush, tree, and architectural features. If you have enough budget, this 8 hundred landscape light kit is worth trying.



4. lowe's landscape lighting


Lowes provides some ideas for lighting solutions to users. Take one 3-lumen-watt solar integrated led outdoor path light kit as an example. This solar landscape light has a cute appearance – a mushroom design which makes it attractive. If you love cute tiny items, this is a good option. 3 solar-powered led path lights, a remote solar panel, and a rechargeable battery are included in this kit. The red, orange, and yellow mushroom-shaped bulbs are vivid and sturdy with up to 8 hours of working time. To establish a Children’s Park with this mushroom solar landscape light. The only drawback is the power of it is not enough because each mushroom light casts a warm white glow at 3 lumens. 



5. Vista landscape lighting


About Vista, it has several types of landscape lights including up&accent lights, in-grade lights, step lights, bollards, path lights, specialty lights, and underwater lights. This time, we are talking about the 4005-led landscape light. This landscape light is a low voltage path light made of CNC milled., and copper-free A360 US aluminum which provides the user with 18 colors and maximum protection. The adjustable shroud can take different internal accessories like lenses, louvers, and filters. 330-degree vertical rotation can be done by an adjustable mechanism. The max wattage of this landscape light is 5.5w and the led wattage range is between 4.5 – 5w.