It is scientifically proven that 50% of American household uses LED lights for their indoor lighting. This information shows us how this type of light is becoming popular and greatly impacts our lighting options in the future. The most common type of bulb type for lighting fixtures is the BR30.

However, while the latter provides functional and distinct features, a BR40 bulb type is another talk of the town. And while both of these lighting options share some similarities, understanding their differences is crucial for finding the ideal lighting solution for your needs.

In this article, we will explore the differences and similarities between BR30 and BR40 bulbs, helping you make an informed decision and achieve the desired lighting effect in your home or office!

br30 vs br40br30 vs br40

Part 1. What Does BR30 Mean? & What Is BR30 Used for?

The "BR" stands for "bulged reflector," while the number "30" indicates the bulb's diameter in 1/8ths of an inch. In other words, a BR30 bulb has a diameter of approximately 3.75 inches and a wide-beam angle of up to 45 degrees. This type of bulb is suitable for flooding lights in a spacious area. BR30 bulbs also intensify the light output it offers, which is why they are loved by many specifically for indoor uses.

This type of bulb is mainly used in recessed lighting fixtures, also known as can lights or downlights. These fixtures are often installed in ceilings to provide directed, focused lighting in precise, wide areas. This is why in homes, you can find them in kitchens, living rooms, garages, and bedrooms, where they provide general lighting or accentuate specific areas. In commercial spaces, such as offices, retail stores, or galleries, BR30 bulbs are frequently utilized for highlighting displays, artwork, or products.

BR30 bulb in recessed lightingBR30 bulb in recessed lighting

Part 2. What Does BR40 Mean? & What Is BR40 Used for?

If BR30 has a bulb diameter of 30, BR40, however, represents 40 diameters of the bulb in eighths of an inch. Simply put, it has a measure of 5 inches. Due to their wider beam angle, they are perfect for illuminating larger areas with a broad, even light distribution.

BR40 bulbs are commonly used in recessed can lighting fixtures, both in residential and commercial settings. Their wider beam angle and ample light output make them suitable for illuminating larger areas like living rooms, hallways, and retail spaces. Due to their versatility, they can also be used for outdoor lighting in fixtures like floodlights or spotlights.

BR40 bulb in outdoor lightingBR40 bulb in outdoor lighting

Part 3: BR30 vs BR40: Differences

The main difference between BR30 and BR40 bulbs lies in their size and brightness. BR30 bulbs have a diameter of 3.75 inches, while BR40 bulbs have a larger diameter of 5 inches. This size disparity results in differences in light distribution and output.

differences between BR30 and BR40 bulbsdifferences between BR30 and BR40 bulbs

Now, if you have a smaller space or you want more focused lighting, opting for BR30 is your best bet since they provide a narrower beam angle. This alone can make them ideal for accent lighting or illuminating specific areas. On the other hand, if you have a larger space that requires more general lighting, BR40 bulbs may be the better option.

Part 4: BR30 vs BR40: Similarities

First and foremost, both BR30 and BR40 bulbs belong to the same category of reflector bulbs. This means that they are designed to provide focused and directional lighting, making them ideal for accent lighting or spotlighting certain areas in a room. So whether you need to highlight a piece of artwork or create a cozy living space, both BR30 and BR40 bulbs can get the job done.

But of course, these similarities will not matter if there’s a difference in how you use them. For instance, the height of the ceiling, the purpose of the LED light for your needs, and the light brightness you prefer.

BR30 and BR40 bulbs in recessed lightingBR30 and BR40 bulbs in recessed lighting

Another similarity between these bulb types is their compatibility with the same fixtures. Both BR30 and BR40 bulbs have a standard screw-in base, typically E26 or E27, which means they can easily fit into most common household light fixtures. This similar fundamental provides convenience to the consumer, resulting in hassle-free installation and flexibility.

In terms of technology, both BR30 and BR40 bulbs are available in LED. So, you can both use this light bulb yet their energy efficiency, color temperature, and lifespan are not far apart.

Part 5: Which Is Better: BR30 or BR40?

If you are wondering whether BR30 is better than BR40 or vice versa, the answer depends on your needs. But generally, BR40 LED is so much brighter than its counterpart because it offers a higher lumen and wider diameter. So if you want 40% to 70% brighter light than what BR30 is providing, getting a BR40 type of bulb is technically much better.

Ultimately, the decision between BR30 and BR40 comes down to your specific lighting needs and preferences. Consider the size of the space you need to light, the desired brightness, and energy efficiency requirements.

Part 6: Are BR30 and BR40 Bulbs Interchangeable?

Attempting to fit a larger BR40 bulb into a fixture designed for BR30 bulbs may cause compatibility issues, such as a loose fit or difficulties securing the bulb in place. However, it's important to note that there may be exceptions or cases where interchangeability is possible.

If you have five-inch can fixtures, BR30 and BR40 bulbs can interchange. But if you want the best fixture for both, getting a four-inch can for BR30 and five-inch can for BR40 provides the best fit.

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We hope you found our blog post on the differences and similarities between BR30 and BR40 bulbs informative and helpful. Understanding the distinctions between these two types of bulbs is essential when choosing the right lighting solution for your space. Whether you are looking to illuminate a small area or a larger room, this article has provided you with a comprehensive comparison to make an informed decision.