The color changing light bulb has more smart features than the traditional light bulb. That is why it has been utilized widely in many homes. It can fulfill the basic requirements of lighting and more smart functions especially creating smart scenes are explored by users. The color changing light bulb can be regarded as an ambience creator in the smart home. In this article, different knowledge of color changing light bulbs will be introduced for you to get more understanding about this funny item.



Part 1: What Is A Color Changing Light Bulb?  


For those who are fond of the concept of a smart home or smart setups in general, here is the best opportunity at hand for them to convert their place from a dull to an exciting aura. Color changing LED light bulbs, are specifically designed to modernize and bring life to the places. It allows setting the ambience of the room through its color changing feature with just a click of a button or a single tap on the mobile screen.


Most color changing light bulbs work just like regular light bulbs. But some of the features that make color changing light bulbs unique are that, instead of maintaining the same color, temperature, and brightness at all times, users can adjust their lighting according to their demands. With these bulbs, the options are endless in terms of shades and other perks. Besides this, it does not require any extra wiring to carry out specific functions and can easily be adjusted in a traditional light fixture rather it needs some form of control (remote, WiFi, Bluetooth, or app) to make its color changing magic happen, that further adds to its reliability. These LED color changing light bulbs provide 16 million colors, so one can choose a color of their choice to meet the standard. By setting the different scenes/brightness/color temperature to achieve the perfect atmosphere for your party, movie night, reading, meeting, bedtime, games, etc.



 Part 2: AiDot Color Changing Light Bulb


AiDot color changing light bulbs are introduced to add quality to smart houses and enhance the pleasing effect of the environment with a single touch on your phone. These are energy-efficient bulbs so users would not have to worry about their energy expenses. Moreover, It comes with a lot of features, the fascinating among which is that it could be adjusted to the desired color with just a single click. For instance, select cool white in the morning, warm white at night, a color to set the mood or even a color pattern for music. With many products, you can even dim the lights without a dimmer switch.


Some smart light bulbs are controlled with an app. Another distinguishing quality of AiDot color changing light bulb is that it can be synced with the music being played in the background and gives a strobe light effect, and suits best for parties. Besides this, it is featured to group control the room lights in coordination with each other. So users can adjust the different shades of each bulb at one time and the colors of one bulb would vary in coordination with the other ones. In addition to it, one can change the color of this bulb, dim it, or turn it on and off via a compatible app and can be controlled simply through voice commands. So it is easy to use and maintains a fascinating environment for carrying out different activities.


color changing light bulbcolor changing light bulb



Part 3: What Can You Do with A Color Changing Light Bulb? 


Scene creation is an excellent feature for savvy schedulers and party hosts. It allows people to create lighting routines for any situation. Installing cool systems in homes, for example, bright lights in the morning to help users wake up and give them the feeling of natural sunlight, or warm, moody pinks for movie nights. Color changing light bulbs are usually used to brighten up the space, manifest a soothing scene, and bring energy to the environment with their different shades, suitable for various activities. It is normally operated in rooms, clubs, playing spaces, and gaming areas in coordination with different activities. Party, which is in a club or home, sounds boring and unexciting without these color changing light bulbs operating in the background. So at a party, it is a must-use accessory to lighten up the mood of people with bright shades.


As per scientific research, colors and lighting have a huge effect on the human psyche which is why color changing light bulbs could be installed to create a comfortable environment in all places. Displaying different soothing color shades during indoor and outdoor sports activities also helps in reducing the mental and emotional stress of players as well as forms an exciting setting for the audience to cheer for players and enjoy their selves. Coming towards its use in the home, it provides a relaxing environment, comfortable enough to stretch out or even play games in a thrilling backdrop fashioned through shades of these bulbs. In a nutshell, it could rightly be said that adjusting LED color changing light bulb to a shade of one’s own desire can certainly stimulate positive energy and save one’s money from wasting on electric bills.


color changing light bulbcolor changing light bulb



Part 4: Color Changing Light Bulb App  


LED color changing light bulbs can easily be connected to your phones and operated through an application called ‘AiDot’. AiDot is an application and an Internet of things platform, which can be interconnected with other Internet platforms and smart home appliances to create a smart living ecological experience.  It does not require any hub for its functioning rather all one has to do is to: have an internet-connected at your home, Screw the bulb in the fixture, Download “AiDot” app on one’s smartphone and create an account in it. Select “WiFi RGB A60” in the device list and then follow the onscreen instructions. The bulb will be connected to 2.4GHz WiFi (only) within minutes. So then it could be customized according to the mood and environment.


The smart home app of AiDot further facilitates the use of these color changing light bulbs and helps people build a creative work environment. It is super easy to use and does not require any other medium like wires and remotes to control the functioning of bulbs. One of its exciting features is that it could control the lighting effect even from outside the house or even set it on automation so it would not require setting from time to time. They use a lot less energy than traditional incandescent lights and also generate less heat. So, Smart LED color changing light bulbs in coordination with AiDot application can add to your productivity and smart living standards within an affordable price range.