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  1. Can vs Canless Recessed Lighting: Which to Choose?

    Recessed lighting is getting popular in both residential and commercial spaces. They have an aesthetical design and add a touch of sophistication to any room. One of the critical decisions when considering recessed lighting is whether to opt for can or canless fixtures.

    When it comes to can vs canless recessed lighting, the former refers to the traditional approach, where a metal canister, also known as housing, is installed within the ceiling to hold the light fixture. While the canless recessed lighting eliminates the need for a separate housing by integrating all components directly into the fixture. This fundamental difference impacts installation complexity, versatility, energy efficiency, and cost. So, to help you make an informed decision and choose the best lighting option between can and canless recessed lighting, we have developed this guide for you. Let's move forward!

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  2. How to Install Smart Light Switch?

    From the extraordinary evolution of smartphones to the advent of virtual reality, in this day and age, it seems like advancements come straight out of a science fiction novel. So, it's no surprise that even our humble light switches have received a smart upgrade.

    With the introduction of smart light switches, we now have the power to control our lights with a simple tap on our smartphones or a voice command to our virtual assistants. So, if you're ready to embrace this convenience and efficiency, you've come to the right place. In this guide, we'll tell you how to install smart light switch.

    how to install smart light switch
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  3. How to Dispose of Light Bulbs?

    Light bulbs are an integral part of our daily lives. We rely on them to light up our homes, workplaces, and even our streets. However, as these light bulbs reach the end of their lifespan, it's important that we understand how to properly dispose of them. Each type of light bulb contains different materials that can be harmful to the environment if not disposed of correctly.

    This article will guide you through the correct methods for disposing of various types of light bulbs.

    how to dispose of light bulbshow to dispose
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  4. [Detailed Comparison] Matter vs Zigbee

    If you are looking to buy smart home accessories, you need to know the difference between Matter and Zigbee products. Matter and Zigbee are two types of protocols used by smart home lights, outlets, and other accessories. By knowing the difference between these two protocols, you can better decide which option is best for your home.

    The main difference between the Matter protocol and the Zigbee protocol comes down to the operating OSI layers, scalability, compatibility, and topology. In this detailed guide, we will be taking a look at what Matter and Zigbee protocols are, how they are different, and which one of them is better.

    Matter vs Zigbee
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  5. Fix Google Home Lights Not Responding Issue

    Google Home serves as a central hub for controlling various smart devices in your home. Although most smart bulbs come with their own smartphone apps, many users still rely on Google Home as the main hub to manage the home's lighting. It's because Google Home seamlessly integrates with smart bulbs, making your life convenient and smarter. However, like other smart technologies or devices, you may face issues with Google Home lights. So, if you are wondering why your Google Home lights not responding and how to fix it, we got you covered.

    Google Home lights not responding
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  6. How to Change a Recessed Light Bulb?

    Changing a light bulb in recessed lighting may seem daunting, but with a little guidance, it can be a straightforward process. Whether you're a homeowner looking to update your lighting or simply replace a burnt-out bulb, knowing how to tackle this task can save you time and money.

    In this article, we will provide you with guidance on how to change a recessed light bulb and walk you through the steps of the process. Keep reading.

    how to change a recessed light bulbhow to change a recessed light bulb
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  7. What Is a Smart Plug?

    Did you know you can control your home appliances and devices with a simple voice command or a tap on your smartphone? Thanks to the wonders of technology, a revolutionary device known as a smart plug makes this possible. So, you must be wondering, what is a smart plug?

    A smart plug is a small, compact device that transforms regular household items into intelligent, connected devices. Let's dive deeper to know “what is a smart plug” and explore the fascinating ways it can revolutionize your home.

    what is a smart plugwhat is a smart plu
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  8. 2023 Full Guide on LED Light Colors

    LED lights have become one of the most popular lighting options in recent years. Not only are they energy efficient, but they also provide a wide range of colors that can create different moods and atmospheres in a room. But in our opinion, choosing the right LED light color from a plethora of choices can be overwhelming. With this in mind, let this 2023 full guide on LED light colors help you find the perfect one!

    LED light colorsLED light colors


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  9. How to Fix Flickering LED Lights?

    LED lights are known for their energy efficiency, long lifespan, and excellent light quality. However, like any other technological device, they can encounter issues, one of which is flickering. The flickering of LED lights is a common issue that many people experience. It can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you're trying to create a certain ambiance or simply wish to enjoy a steady, consistent light source. This problem, however, is not without a solution. Understanding the cause of the flickering and implementing the right fix can help you get your LED lights back to their best performance.

    how to fix flickering LED lights
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  10. Solar Energy Advantages & Disadvantages

    Solar energy, a renewable resource powered by the radiant light and heat of the sun, is an ever-evolving force in today's energy landscape. With increasing concerns about climate change and the depletion of non-renewable resources, solar power is often seen as the solution to our energy conundrum. However, like any energy source, solar energy comes with its own set of solar energy advantages and disadvantages.

    solar energy advantages and disadvantagessolar energy advantages and disadvantages
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