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1. The fifty most liked posts win a WELOV Matter P200 Pro Smart Air Purifier.
2. The campaign will run from April 23rd to May 31th. Winners will receive a redemption code for the air purifier via email, which can be used on the AiDot shop. Subscription to AiDot is essential to ensure receipt of the redemption code.
3. Leave a post with at least one picture to share your thoughts on indoor air quality, and how the WELOV Matter P200 Pro Smart Air Purifier would enhance your life through better air quality.
4. Your post must have at least one image to accompany and demonstrate your thoughts.
5. Posts discussing political, religious, sexual, or other potentially inappropriate topics may be removed without notice.
6. Updates to the winner list may experience delays due to internet conditions. If you're among the top fifty, please be patient when checking for updates.
7. Share this page with friends and encourage them to like your post. Each time you share you will earn one bonus like.
8. The more likes your post receives, the higher your chances of winning. Prizes will be awarded to the fifty most liked posts.
9. AiDot has the authority to disqualify participants and revoke prizes if unfair practices are suspected.
10. Subscription to AiDot is mandatory to claim your free air purifier.
11. Shipments will be dispatched within 7 working days of the announcement of winners. Delays may occur due to processing issues or non-subscription to AiDot.
12. Any violations, including the use of cheat software, abnormal website access methods, or system manipulation, may result in disqualification and cancellation of shipments, as determined by AiDot through technical analysis.